Getting Conned by Paypal/Ebay

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If you feel that paypal has ripped you off or your buisness is suffering due to paypal freezing Accounts etc, Send them an email stating that you want Full Written Details about your account and the reasons why it has been suspended etc, Also let them know that you will be forwarding all the details to the Financial Services Ombudsman. The FSA Will look into these problems and have and will Fine paypal for misuse of customers accounts, Also a small Claims court Writ sent to there head office in the UK ( Cost around £100 but claimed back from paypal) normally gets them crapping themselves as they dont want anymore Negative Press then they already recieve via TV Consumer programmes and the expense of legal fees. The FSA Will eventually Close down paypal in the UK if it continues to act as a law unto itself and all complaints recieved by the FSA will act as more ammunition to force paypal/ebay to abide by UK Banking rules.
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