Getting Started - How Many Poker Chips?

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How Many Poker Chips?

The two key factors to take into consideration when putting together a poker chip set are:
  1. How many chips in total?
  2. How many of each denomination?

As a quick guide, we find that the average starting stack contains around 22-25 chips per player.

Recommended poker chip set size:

4-5 players typically around - 150 chips
6-7 players typically around - 175 chips
7-8 players typically around - 200 chips
8-10 players You could consider adding a few '1,000', '5,000' or even '25,000' value chips?
We recommend you stick to 4-5 denominations for your main home game. This can later be expanded upon with a dedicated lower value cash game set of another 3-4 alternate face value denominations.

Here at PokerDog for our monthly tournaments we use 25, 50, 100, 500 & 1,000 denomination chips for the main games, and then we swap them out for 10, 25, 50, 1 and 5,  denomination chips for cash games.

Keeping it simple by using two sets players can relate to the lower values being represented by pence/cents. So a '10' chip would be 10 pence/cents and a '50' chip would be 50 pence/cents, right up to the '5' chip being worth 5 pounds/dollars.

Starting Stack

The more chips each player has at the start of the game the more likely they will be to participate with a bet or a raise. Players like a big stack and hate having to keep asking other players for change.

A basic PokerDog home tournament starting stack is 6,300 and consists of:

2 x '25' chips
5 x '50' chips
10 x '100' chips
6 x '500' chips
2 x '1,000' chips
We find that with 10 players using this stack a full game from start to finish will last 90 minutes when combined with a good poker blind/timer strategy.

What is a 'Deep Stack'

A deep stack poker game is when each player typically has a starting stack of 10,000 and above.
The best formula to calculate how many chips each player will need for a Deep Stack poker tournament is to multiply your starting big blind by 200.

For example:

Starting big blind = '50'
50 x 200 = 10,000
Each player will require a starting stack of '10,000'
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