Getting Started from Scratch......Guide for Job Seekers

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Getting Started from Scratch

Being unemployed and unable to work in a traditional manner because of either health problems or disability takes away both a persons dignity and confidence.As one who has fallen into this situation and for a number of years looked for a way to play a part in my own support I decided to join E-Bay and have a go at setting up a worthwhile way of earning a salary.I was a little nervous as previously I had messed up a couple of transactions and I had a -2 rating,but after making sure that my Pay Pal was connected to my bank off I went......


I looked for cheap job lots and began to build up a stock.......I purchased perhaps 10 lots and then started to sell by breaking the lots into single and small groups and listing them along with a number of items that I had both in my home and gifted items from friends and family.It was not long before I showed a profit and with the profits I purchased more lots and so on until I had enough stock to open my shop Blazing's Bargain Basement.(feel free to visit)

Job Seekers.....if you are on the Jobseekers scheme and are finding it tough to find a job that you can cope with then ask to go onto New Deal and set up a business.What happens next is that you are allocated a business partner and an adviser.After a few weeks of setting up business plans,cash flow charts,bank accounts you will be ready to start.There is a grant of £100.00 for computer upgrade or stationery or anything that connects to the business.Your Job Seekers allowance continues for 26 weeks and an extra payment of £15.00 a week is added.The adviser assesses your performance and helps you along.

If after 6 months you look like you are able to keep your new business going there is a £1500.00 training grant available and the adviser stays with you for two more years.If you fail you have lost nothing as you are able to re-sign onto the Job Seekers scheme again.



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