Getting Your Money Back

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Getting your money back for goods incorrectly described or the wrong items sent out to you.

Make sure you always and I mean always get you itmes sent back by recorded or other signed for method of postage or you may have problems getting your money back.

You have to have a proof of posting as well as a proof of receipt.

With any signed for method of postage with Royal Mail you can track your parcel through their web pages online @ the royal mail  go to the tracker enter your unique number and it will tell you if it has been delivered or not, it will also tell you when it was delivered and most times you can get an electronic print of the signature.

Which in a dispute you can use as a proof of who actually signed for it.

Why I am telling you about this, well I speak from experience after losing £125 to a seller form the North of the country as I did not use a tracking method and therefore had no proof that he had received it. 

Leaving me out of pocket because he was a bad trader sorry don't think Ebay would be pleased if I named him so don't ask.

I had several emails with him even phone convos' but to no avail as i could not give him a tracking number. basically he said hard luck you can't prove I received the items back and of course it was to far for me to travel to see him personally, would have cost me over half the amount in petrol.

I tried to collect via Ebay and Paypal's dispute methods but never got anywhere, again as I dint have proof of him receiving the items because I could not give them a tracking number which is essential in all claims made this way, they washed their hands of the dispute and would not enforce him to pay up, no matter that I only work part time and have a disabled wife to look after was of no concern to them.

So if you sell on Ebay to make a little extra money then beware there are bad sellers out there who will rip you off if they can.





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