**Getting large or heavy items collected/delivered**

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How many times have you seen an item you really want, got all excited about it....only to read on and find that the seller wont send/its pickup only and its the other side of the country/the postage cost is the sort of extortion that gangsters would blush at charging!

Its actually pretty easy to arrange for a courier to collect on your behalf, and its not as expensive as you might think :) You can even book, pay for and track from the comfort of your own home :) :)

Heres how.......

There are many courier companies who offer this service, and i've used several with mixed results (lost items, damaged in transit, missed slots, having to travel miles to a depot because they carded me without actually knocking) and the only one that, to date, has been 100% reliable is (www) dot parcel2go dot com - they always collect within the timeframe they say they will, deliver next day, and are pretty lenient with the weight limits they quote...... They state items should weigh less than 25kg and be less than 4 cubic feet in size, but i've stretched this more than once and they've still taken it ;)

The whole process is done via the user friendly website. You choose the service you want, the date you want collection, enter the details of item location, enter your details for delivery - they'll deliver to any address you specify which is ideal if you're selling straight on, pay via paypal and you're done!

Remember to check with the seller to make sure they will be prepared to package for shipping - some won't as they dont make profit on collected items, but most reputable sellers are helpful souls and wont mind. Also ask for a day convenient to them for collection, and state clearly that they will need to be in when the courier arrives, as they wont attempt to collect again if the seller isn't home. If these issues can be resolved ok, then the final thing to remember is that the parcel will need to be signed for on arrival, so its important to be home, or rope someone into doing it for you if you cant be.

The best service for most items is the premium next day (guaranteed) collection, which at only 13.99 - less if you enter discount code ebay1071 in the slot provided-represents good value for money if you want your item quickly!

Hope this all helps - thanks for reading and dont forget your vote counts....the more votes this gets, the more people see and benefit from it :)


Lucky :)


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