Getting the auction title right - a few tips

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Get the title right

The title of the item is the single most important factor in order to sell. The title is what all of the eBay searches will refer to as buyers will only input a few keywords to try to find your item

The best thing to consider when trying to think of a title for an item is what you would search for if you were looking for that item. I'll give you an example below.

1. Make a living selling ebooks on eBay
2. Become a millionaire by selling ebooks
3. Ebook selling SECRETS - MAKE MONEY!!

Obviously the third option has the biggest impact when you view the titles and also makes better use of keywords. You need to make better use of keywords such as secrets and make money if applicable as these usually produce good results as they are commonly searched for. Also make use of CAPITALISATION, it makes the important words stick out to buyers but only use it on a few words as otherwise the effect is lost. Other useful words to insert into your titles are RARE, ONLY ON EBAY, AMAZING and FANTASTIC. Of course i'm sure you will find many more.

Note: Do not lie or try to deceive buyers, number 2 above may sound appealing but will only get people queueing up to give you negative feedback when they find they cannot become millionaires!

One last point - make sure you use every single character in the title as possible, those extra words could make the difference.

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