Getting to win that CD

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Bidding  and Winning CDs.

if there's a CD you would particulary would like to win on eBay- firstly make an initial low bid on it a few days before the auction on it ends.This will make it a bit easier on your watch list to see how it is going up in price before the auction ends.

The main thing to remember with winning most things on ebay - is to be at your computer - up and ready for when the item is about to end - if you're not in front of your computer - chances are you'll be outbidded!.


A lot of ebayers will bid on items maybe 5 or ten minutes before they end - this usually isn't any good ,and just raises the final selling price - they'll also be outbidded in the last 30 seconds !. -Which brings me to your bidding : 


Firstly check that your watched CD is 'refreshing' ok on the page as you see the time running down on it,then get ready to put a bid in - maybe a little more that you would like  to pay (this way, if someone else is bidding they'll hopefully be outbid,and won't have time to put in another bid before the auction ends).When you make the bid try and put '03' in the pence colume - most bidders put '02'p  to try and outbid by a penny. - go one better !. Keep refreshing the page every couple of seconds to see if the price has increased -then put the bid in - 30 secs from the end-and hope that you don't get outbidded !.  all the best with your won't win them all - but bidding this way may help a bit.

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