Getting your first book published

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Getting your first book published is certainly a cause for celebration. Although it can be a very frustrating and long drawn out process and not for the faint hearted.

I started writing my book several years ago and I can only advise others based on my own experience and the advice given to me. So here goes.

  • Have your manuscript ready before you approach publishers (that way if they are interested, you have something to send them immediately)
  • Buy a copy of one of the Writers year books available (I used the Writers and Artists Yearbook)
  • Research your publishers and literary agents carefully (only contact those that deal with the topic you have written about)
  • Research your audience, don't just take your relatives and friends comments to mean that your book will be a success (I tried draft copies of my book on Ebay before sending it off to publishers to see what people thought)
  • Write to the publishers sending exactly what they ask for and no more (if they ask for a synopsis, send one, if they ask for the first chapter send that etc)
  • Always send a self addressed envelope (remember that they get so many letters each and every day, if they have to spend their own money posting it back, it will give them another excuse to bin it)
  • Get the letter write, address it to a named person, rather than a title
  • Send out your letters, synopsis and manuscripts and prepare to be rejected
  • You will get rejections (we can't all be block buster writers on the first attempt), don't let them get you down, and remember you only need one to say yes
  • If you are lucky, some publishers and literary agents will give you feedback - take this on board and make changes if neccessary
  • Don't expect quick replies, sometimes they can take weeks and even months to respond
  • Don't give up, even if they all reject you, revisit your work and re-submit it to them again (I go my book published on my second submission to publishers)
  • It is all worth it in the end (once you see your book in print, it makes all the frustration and hard work disappear, it is worth it)
  • Do expect to sell millions (or even thousands) of copies from the start, go slowly and grow
  • Always have your next book in the pipeline (your publisher may want another one from you and they are more interested if you can offer more than just one book)

Don't give up and Good Luck

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