Getting your money back when ripped off

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I bought some computer memory and guess what it didn't turn up. I paid through NoChex so I thought that was the end of that but I rang up my credit card company and managed to get ALL the money back. Couple of things you need to know. All credit card companies are capable of making a chargeback against the seller if the goods don't turn up. They will ask you to wait a period of time , usually around 2 weeks before the chargeback is made. But this is much better than the 30 days + that Ebay make you wait and they don't take a cut of your money either, you get it all back. Some CC companies may not offer this straight up you will have to pester. I was OK with Sainsbury's Bank and suprisingly they do not ask for very much info on the case just the exact dates of purchase. There is a period where the seller can dispute this but so far mine has gone to ground.

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