Ghost Hunting Paranormal Infrared Modified Full Spectrum Cameras

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My First guide was about how to avoid fakes and people that want to cheat you, this guide is about Sony cameras that have been modified for Full Spectrum, UV or ultraviolet sensitivity, cameras used for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.
I have been in the camera modification business for the past 13 years and have seen many cameras evolve from tape to High Definition SD card and hard drive.
The cameras that are in demand now are hard drive, hard drive High Definition, SD flash and SD High definition.  There are many things to learn and I learn new things every day, I usually do not believe everything I read, so I have to test it and see for myself, so here are some things I have learned.
The newer cameras are opened up, the infrared blocker is removed and replaced with a clear lens of equal size, after the modification the camera will not shoot normal colors correctly, if you want to shoot normal colors you need to get a color correcting filter for the camera.  The modified camera will shoot images in near color if it has a HAD CCD sensor, if it has the Exmore R sensor, the camera will shoot in a purplish, pinkish or reddish tinge, we have a tune up that makes the camera go to near color and shoot infrared with the classic vivid contrast.

Cameras with Nightshot are (not) the best for ghost hunting, it will work but............... 

Turn on nightshot and the camera switches to slow shutter and infrared light turns on,  FYI slow shutter is not the best for ghost hunting, if you have a camera with a very high speed shutter, it will be very good for capturing paranormal activity.  Normal mode on a video camera is high speed!
So what about the people that bought an infrared light and use the camera with nightshot? 
They are shooting with slow shutter and are not benefiting from a modified full spectrum camera, you can read my first guide, there are people that try to sell cameras like that!

Modified cameras and the 0lux rating:

A modified camera with the infrared blocker removed changes the Lux rating to zero  or 0-Lux, the modified camera is very sensitive to low light. As an example a normal Sony camera will see 10 feet with nightshot turned on in a pitch black room, if you have a modified Sony camera on at the same time (normal mode), it will see 15 feet using the light from the camera with nightshot on, so about 33% sensitivity increase (I have tested this before).  To back this up, I have tested a modified camera with a infrared light source and the room lights up and imaging is clear and sharp, I then hold in place an infrared blocking filter in front of the lens and the whole room looks dark and the infrared blocker kills the light generated from the infrared light source.

Can a normal camera see in the dark with a LED infrared light source?
Yes & NO: (yes) the camera can see the infrared lights from the light source (as in take a pictures of the lights glow) but it can not use them, (no) the infrared blocker blocks a very high percentage of the infrared light rendering it nearly useless as a light source.  You need a modified camera to shoot infrared videos with a light source!

What does a Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigating Modified Full Spectrum  camera cost?
The cameras I sell are as low as $150 to as high as $800 people that are serious about filming spirits, ghosts, paranormal activities want best possible camera they can afford.
What about the non Sony modified cameras, like vivitar, insignia bell & howell?
Well you will not get Sony quality or reliability with a disposable camera, it may work for a while, but if anything goes wrong it will.  Sony as a brand name has the highest quality standards in the industry, there are many cameras from nearly 15 years old being traded on ebay for $200 to $300 right now, the quality does not die.  I have seen the cheap cameras sell for $29.95 and have seen the sellers feedback as a buyer, have bought those cameras for $25 and up, then they mod them and sell as a kit.  I know the economy is hard and people are willing to go cheap and buy cheap, but they are not looking for quality or thinking about the long term results, if you look to the right side of this guide you will see some of the cheap cameras suggested, originally they start at $25 unmodified!

If you have any questions about these cameras, please feel free to ask any questions, I have helped many people with infrared and full spectrum cameras and IR lighting

thanks sonyinfrared!


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