Gillette fusion razor

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I recently purchased my partner a gillette fusion razor. He has used a Mach 3 for years but I hears good things about the fusion so thought I'd get him to try it out. Here are his thoughts from a males point of view. The design of the Fusion is similar to the Mach3, just more modern with a few changes.  It has the same "paintbrush" type of head, but this razor adds three more blades -- two on the shaving surface and one on the flip side. 

I did notice a significant difference between the closeness of my shave with the Fusion compared to my Mach 3 shave. The act of shaving was  so smooth, the Mach 3 was smooth but this was something else, a much better experience than with  my Mach 3 . There was no tugging during my shave, no discomfort and no irritation. Gillette claims the razor gives a more comfortable shave than the Mach 3 because the Fusion's blades are spaced closer together to reduce pressure and I have to agree. My skin felt so good after I shaved using the fusion, the extra blades work wonders. The razor should be used lightly as does any razor but I had no problems at all with the fusion. Don't get me wrong I like the Mach 3 but the fusion is on a whole different level. A much smoother cleaner shave, very close cut. I'm a big fan of the extra blades and have recommended to my friends and family. The fusion is a little more in price but so worth it. I have never had a errrr shave with such a comfortable razor. Guys, gillette are the only way to go, the extra blades on the fusion do a lot! I actually enjoy shaving now and will definitely be putting another fusion and blades on my christmas list. Great product, great shave, great review. Give it a try 
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