Glass Partitioning - Installation Guide

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Glass Partition - Installation
Step 1 - Measuring

a) Measure the floor to ceiling height - check it in at least 3 places, ceilings are not always level!
b) Measure the width - check its straight with a spirit level.
c) Measure the depth - again check the wall the glass will join to is straight with a spirit level.
d) Check if the floor is concrete, wooden floor boards or a suspended floor
e) Check if the ceiling is solid or suspended.

Step 2 - Check for obstructions

a) Are there any skirting boards?
b) Are there any cables or ducting on the wall, floors or ceiling?

If there are skirting boards and you don't want to cut into them, or there are cable ducts and you cannot move them, then your width measurement needs to be from the edge of these.

Step 3 - Making an Order

Choose one of our standard room sizes based on the measurement you have taken, and then also let us know what your ceiling and floor and made of. We can then do the rest for you and send you a kit with everything you need.
If your measurements don;t fit one of our standard room sizes we can make the glass to fit your project, use our handy wall cost calculator.

Step 4 - Installing the U channel Frame 

The first stage of installation is to fix the Aluminium U channel provided around the perimeter of where the glass partition wall is going to be. Cut the Aluminium channel to length, drill some holes in the channel and then fix the aluminium channels to the floor, walls and ceiling using screws and wall plugs (not supplied). Ensure the screws are fixed into something solid. In the case of a suspended ceiling you should fix the U channel directly into the frame work of the suspended ceiling and then reinforce this above the ceiling with some timber where necessary.

Once the the U channel is in place, the glass just slides into the channel wither at the door opening, or you can just lift the glass up into the top channel and then drop it down into the bottom channel. The glass is then secured into the U channel by pushing a rubber gasket into the channel on each side of the glass. The wedges the glass securely into the channel, clamping it so it can;t move.

Allow a 5mm vertical  gap between each glass panel and then once the rubber gasket has been pushed in all around, fill this gap with clear silicon to fix all the panel together.

Step 5 - Door Installation

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