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Glow in the Dark paint JUST glows; that is all it can do. Unfortunately, the down side to this is it NEEDS charging to keep it glowing. UV is its main source of charge. In the summer months, the SUN’S UV is high. However, in winter it is very low & this makes the paints and pigments seem as though they are not glowing. They are; it’s just not that bright. We use UV Black lights to help charge the paints in the winter months. These are specially designed BLACK LIGHTS you can purchase from stores etc.
When GDP pigment is mixed with a medium it creates paint. The issue is creating a medium that can not only hold the crystals in suspension but also allow the crystals to charge through the medium. We have manufactured such a medium, however, when you receive the medium it is WHITE in color and when fully dry it becomes clear so the crystals in the medium can CHARGE and be seen.
It is NOT hard to see the attraction of the Glow in the Dark Products. They can be used on just about anything you can think of from Nails to Hair to House and Office Safety. StarMakerFX supplies a number of different GDP’s: Paints, Pigments, Plastics, and Sheets. Each one has a specific role. Colors also play a major part on Glow in the Dark products and with that comes a totally new issue: GLOW TIMES.
Because of the makeup of Glow in the Dark Pigments you need to understand how they work before we can explain their Glow Times. GID Pigments are really small crystals (a lot smaller than the tip of a needle). Each of these crystals is like a battery that CHARGES & DISCHARGES at the same time. The LARGER the crystal, the greater the charge and glow. When you have 1000’s of these tiny crystals together, you get a brighter glow than just 10 or 20. The downside of Glow in the Dark Colored Pigments is that the color does NOT last as long as the glow. What we mean by this is that once the crystal is FULLY charged the crystal will glow a COLOR. However, because the crystal cannot hold the same charge continuously, the color fades down to a white/off white after awhile & then will continue to glow until it runs out of charge. (Anything between 30min and 8 hours). This added to the color is the GLOW TIME.
GREEN Glow in the Dark Pigment is the most natural color in the Glow in the Dark range. Because of this, it has the LONGEST lasting color & glow time. Some companies promote 8+ hours glow time. This is only the case in a lab environment using spectrograph & light source registrations. The COLOR will actually last about 30 min to a couple of hours, then fade to white. From there it will slowly fade down over the next few hours. This is Glow in the Dark; this applies to ALL COLORS.
AQUA is the second strongest of our colors, & is nearly as bright as the Green, but it doesn’t last as long. This is because the pigment is altered slightly; the crystals are produced under heat & the temperature controls the color. AQUA will hold its color for a pretty long time, & its glow time through to white is about 6 hours.
BLUE is a great color; like Green & Aqua, a strong color. Average Blue glow time down to zero is approximately 4-6 hours.
LILAC is the HARDEST color to CHARGE because it uses a number of different components. To get a true purple we mix a number of crystal variants (some people say this is filler, but it’s NOT). The more pigment you use the stronger the color. When Lilac is fully charged, upon close inspection, you will see speckles. Average glow time to zero is approximately 3-5 hours. Please note that this color is classed as a medium glow & needs a strong UV to charge.
The next range of colors is classed as complicated to use & have short glow times. Like the other Glow in the Dark pigments, these are also white during the day & Glow a color in the dark. ALL of these colors require UV Black light to CHARGE & HOLD their color because they need EXTRA UV to charge them.
WHITE glows white but can also glow a white-blue color. It has a short glow time of 3-4 hours & is not like the other colors. This product is normally used in the creation of Cosmic Star Ceilings.
ORANGE shows well under UV Black light, but has an average glow time of 2-3 hours & a short color glow. It is not suitable for a lot of applications & is normally used in the creation of Cosmic Star Ceilings.
RED has a VERY SHORT glow time. It is NOT for the faint hearted! Red was designed specifically for the creation of Cosmic Star Ceilings, particularly FLASH work. Glow times vary, generally a very short 30min max. Please understand, we are major specialists in the creation of Cosmic Star Ceilings & know what does & does not work.
Please note that you CANNOT mix the colors to create another color. Unlike normal paints which leach & mix, these are CRYSTALS and do not mix.
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