Go Daddy Do not be stupid Total nightmare to use

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I had to share my  recent experience with you my fellow eBayers.

I recently have been looking for a place to create a website.  I stumbled across  GoDaddy.com.

Payments!!  Here are some SHOCKING facts about godaddy.com(n)

All payments you make will be set to auto renew, so even after you try and leave this hell hole (which you can not) you are most likely to have money removed from your account to your Godaddy account one year later

quote from staff member:

"Go Daddy will not completely remove a customer account from our system as explained in our Privacy Policy. However, you cancel all products or services for this account, remove all payment methods from this account, and turn off all opt-in email notifications"

Thats right!! once you join, you can never leave! (just like the mafia!)

Because they want their greedy hands all over you for life and to bleed you dry slowly and very sneakily.. i would say godaddy makes a big fat profit from this stealth tactics! Which should be banned and made illegal!

Once  you make a payment you can kiss goodbye to it.
 They will only give you store credit, which is as much use as as their customer support! NO USE!

(you will regret it for as long as you live)

So you made a massive mistake (like i did) and you want to try and make a website.

12-  The site builder is a complete and utter nightmare to use.
Very , very badly organised and very difficult to understand and navigate.
 The most painful experience i have ever known!

Please AVOID Go Daddy at ALL costs!!

Not only is it a  maze to navigate, but the  constant up-selling, it will make you want to CRY!
(and you will cry, often)

Did i mention  they will try and bleed every single last penny out of you , you have in this world... SELL, SELL, SELL... every step you take in this minefield of a website you will have 'offers' and 'upgrades'  put right in front of your face to take all of your cash.. this site will baffle the best of you.. and this is on purpose to con you out of your payments.

Also, the CEO likes to kill and shoot innocent animals!! Esp Elephants! Disgusting...!

Please, i plead to all people.. AVOID GO DADDY like the plague!

The very worst experience i have ever had the misfortune to know.

I made this guide so no other people have to suffer the stress and depression this has caused, please, please make sure no-one you care and love for has to ever suffer this pain and  loss of hard earned cash like i have.

Take care there are many big companies on the internet that simply want to bleed you dry....

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