Gold Chain Length and Weight Buying Guide

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Jewellery gold/silver chain Length & Weight -  Buying Guide

When purchasing a necklace or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on the chest. Remember that longer lengths will accentuate the bust while shorter lengths will enhance beautiful necklines.

16 inch (40cm) - Sits just above the collarbones. Emphasises the neckline

18 inch (45cm) - Sits over the collarbones. The most common length.

20 inch (50cm) - Sits over the clothing for a  most dramatic statement.


Often overlooked when purchasing a pendant. It is important to select a similar weight chain to the pendant that will hang from it. Not only will this look correct, but will enhance the beauty of both chain, pendant, and hopefully wearer.  Hanging a pendant several times heavier that the chain it is on is asking for trouble. At the very least it will put undue stress on the chain, lessening it's lifespan, or worst of all, snapping it with the potential loss of your pendant.

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