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Is 'gold leaf on base' real gold?

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If you have read our Gold Leaf Buyer’s Guide, you will have read that we did not know of a process known as ‘gold leaf on base’.
Well, we Googled it and found nothing. We then asked some of the online sellers how the process worked, and to our surprise, they didn’t know either!
So in the end, we decided to order three samples from eBay sellers and acid test the samples for ourselves. The results can be seen by clicking on the video to the left.
Fair enough, the sample leaves that we received were metallic and they were gold in colour – there is nothing wrong with that. But - the sellers all stated that their ‘gold leaf on base’ contained real 24ct gold, but the price they were charging didn’t appear to reflect the fact, hence our decision to go ahead and test it ourselves.
If you intend buying gold leaf online for your gilding projects, the results are well worth noting, and could save you money on your future purchases.
Disclaimer: We purchased our ‘gold leaf on base’ samples from 3 separate sellers on eBay and tested them with the popular JSP 22K gold testing acid to achieve our results.

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