Gold and Your Jewellery

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The gold in your jewellery

Many people purchase jewellery believing that they are making an investment. jewellery is made for ornate purposes and maybe to make a statement. A solitaire diamond ring may be an ideal way of, 'Sealing your love' but it is not an investment. Unless it has an antique value or is a part of history, it will take years for it to gain any value that is worth mentioning.

If you want to purchase gold as an investment, you should take professional advice and invest in either scrap gold or ingots, bars of gold.

The actual gold content is measured in carats
9 carat gold
9 carat gold is 37.5% pure gold, mixed with 62.5% alloys. I believe that this is the best gold to use for everyday jewellery as it is harder and wears less than gold that has a higher carat rating.

14 carat gold
14 carat gold is 58.5% pure and is mixed with 41.5% alloys. This gold is a little softer than 9 carat and wears a little faster. As it is softer, it is a little easier to work than 9 carat gold.

18 carat gold
18 carat gold is 75% pure and is mixed with 25% alloys again this is a little softer than 9 carat and 14 carat.

24 carat gold
This is as good as it gets. 24 carat gold is around 99.9% pure. It is very soft and wears at a much faster rate than gold of a lower carat.

To work out the price of your gold as a scrap item. You need to know the weight, how many carats your gold is and also how much scrap gold is worth per gram, kilo, or similar.

Many people fail to realise that one carat of gold is worth exactly the same whether it is in 9 carats, 18 carats or even 24 carats of gold!

Let me further clarify the statement that I have just made.
If, for example 1 gram of 9 carat gold was worth £9, each carat weighing 1 gram would be worth £1.00. So 1 gram of 18 carat gold would be worth £18.00. 18 carats X 1carat at £1.00 per gram = £18.00. A gram of 24 carat gold would be worth £24.

So all we need to find out is how much one carat of gold is worth per gram. It is easy to then work out the scrap value of your gold.

Nowadays the internet has made it easier to purchase jewellery from abroad. It is far easier to get a good deal. But, be careful. If a deal is too good to be true then it probably is. Once you are out of Europe many countries are not as stringent with their hallmarks and some countries still do not hallmark their jewellery at all making it near impossible for the average person in the street to know what they are purchasing. It is all too easy to purchase gold plated jewellery or even a piece of brass believing it to be solid gold.

For this reason I always advise people, if they are parting with any money they should make sure that they only purchase gold from a country that has stringent hallmarks in place.

If you are purchasing a cheap trinket then by all means purchase it from a country that is offering it for pennies. But do not part with more than pennies believing that you are getting a solid gold bracelet or ring from these countries at a giveaway price. You will more than likely end up being ripped off.

Thank You for reading my short guide. If you have learnt something new please leave a vote. Any questions just message me via My eBay.

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