Golden Rules of e-baying

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1. Describe the item accurately and point out any issues , major or minor
2. Provide as many photos as is necessary to support description
3. Pack item carefully and add a packing slip stating what is in the parcel
4. Always keep whatever promises you make to buyer
5. Avoid making transactions outside of ebay
6. Always put in writing all communications with seller and/or ebay.If you communicate by phone for any reason,always follow up in writing
7. Make clear shipping arrangements and keep any receipts/notes obtained from carriers
8. Avoid posting negative feed back unless really warranted. If negative feedback is posted be sure you can support any issues raised with concrete evidence.
9. Challenge any negative feedback you receive if  necessary- again support with evidence.
10. If item is sold as for spares/repair make clear all issues you are aware of


1. Always pay on time. If issues arise always inform seller soonest
2. Don't be afraid to enquire if a "buy now' deal is available even if not stated in sellers offer. If  a buy back is agreed get seller to edit posting to show "buy now" to enable the deal
3. Don't buy outside of ebay rules
4. Use paypal as preferred buy system
5. Avoid posting negative feedback wherever possible
6. Always provide feedback


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