Golf Clubs – Poor Techniques Lead to Injury

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If you don’t train for golf correctly, you risk injury. Check out our techniques below to avoid injury swinging your golf clubs.

Poor technique

If you don’t get your swing techniques right than your golf clubs could do you some serious injury. Back problems such as lower-back pain and injury account for most injuries among golfers. The first thing you need to do is ensure the swing techniques behind your golf clubs are correct – consult a PGA professional. You should also consult a professional to check the golf clubs you are using are right for your build, height and ability so that they are not impacting on your swing technique.

One-sided workouts

The work you put into the gym can be as effective as the time you spend on the course. Playing golf, like tennis, involves the predominant use of one side of the body. Without incorporating techniques to balance this out, your golf clubs could cause muscle imbalances and problems with your posture. The lower back, shoulder and elbow are particularly vulnerable. Incorporating weights is one of the techniques you can use to strengthen your non-dominant side to help balance the swing of your golf clubs. The spine is the first area to come under attack if you use poor techniques when swinging golf clubs according to physiotherapists. Many physiotherapists feel the best way to prevent this kind of injury is through Pilates-style exercises that strengthens your body’s core and abdominal muscles.

Caring for hands

Hands, wrists and forearms are clearly used extensively when swinging golf clubs , but there are techniques you can adopt to prevent damage from such physical stress. Golf can damage the nerves, tendons and muscles in the hands and wrists and lead to repetitive strain. Simple techniques such as buttoning and unbuttoning a shirt with one hand are good ways to check whether or not your golf clubs are causing you injury in your hands. Dexterity and strength can be built up doing simple exercises such as opening tight lids to target the wrist flexors, and doing ‘finger push ups’ to help improve strength. Press your hands together so the fingertips meet with the palms, use your fingertips to arch the fingers out so only your fingertips touch, hold and repeat 15 times daily.

Health Benefits

If you crack the techniques behind swinging your golf clubs correctly and take preventative steps to balance the one-sided work-out the game gives you, the health benefits of golf are huge. Don’t be put off by the risk of injury. The benefits include:

  • Improved mental skills from the concentration and visualization techniques used by golfers before they swing their golf clubs.
  • A healthy heart – golf reduces levels of bad cholesterol according to research (as long as you walk the greens).
  • A stronger back and spine – increased abdominal strength from swinging golf clubs helps protect the spine.
  • Stamina – if you play the game for five hours, you can walk on average 9km on an 18-hole course.
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