Gonio & Kaden 1/24 military models

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Product of the range started around 1992 in the Czech Republic. The range of Military vehicles were produced in a combination of press tin and dicaste. The scale chosen was 1:24"  the company started under the name of Gonio and later became Kaden, with Hendrix and Gama became involved as time went by. In the early days Gonio made various VW Kubelwagens and VW Shwimmwagen in the green of military vehicles used in the European theatre of WWII and the sand colour of vehicles used in the North African theatre.

a Willy Jeep was produced in various finishes by the time Kaden took over production, such as an Ambulance, Commando, US mail (military), Long Range Desert Group (Kaden) plus various general jeep with or without long range fuel tanks and various machine guns.... Some came with trailers with additional fuel cans.

The Dodge half track M3 was produced in a couple of different finishes and also with a machine gun pulpit. M3A. As Kaden took over production the versions increased.

the rarest version was a desert colour M3 was produced in a box with limited label added, no transfers were fixed but a set was included in the box .. It is said 200 were made only.  Some of the different models had a camouflage finish in each of the ranges except the Dodge WC51 and WC52. The differance being the WC51 was the shorter chassis and no tilt. ( plastic) .... The WC52 was a longer chassis and had a wire winch at the front. ( fitted with plastic tilt). A white colourd version was made called the Artic. But otherwise the models were in the European Theatre green.

These very detailed models show up on EBay from time to time.  While production was mainly in the 1990's it petered out. Hendrix supplied some of the versions in a plain white box adding sometimes a small plate to some models with the name Hendrix on it. Gama obtain rights to the original Gonio name for a period of 10 years back in the 1990's.

being made of press tin plate with tabs and some die caste parts, made production of these detailed models expensive to make and hard to market. Although exported extensively they still failed to sell enough to survive.

I have located models in the USA, United Kingdom. Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, but I am sure other countries had the models exported to them.

in 2014 I still find odd items I have not seen before. Little publcation in the form of brochures was produced. But I have found some from a German model shop. These listed all know versions except the Dodge Half Track in sand colour. It also shows two models that seem not to have been made. An Luftwaffen VW kubelwagen with a pick axe on the rear wing and a camouflage schwimmwagen called the officer. I have hunted these for 15 years with no luck, so I presume they never made it to production.

many of the models had opening doors, hoods, tailgates and removable items like a paddle and engine lifter on the Schwimmwagen. Others had spades on the wings and removable fuel cans ( Jerry cans). All had rubber tyres.. Many had Continental make and the desert vehicles were smooth threaded tyres.

if not kept dry the paint can flake, and corrosion can be found in the dicaste, especially in the wheels. Rubber tracks on the half tracks become brittle with age... The half track has working suspension. All the models have steering that works.

a search of Google using Kade, Gonio will produce more information. If searching Ebay be sure to seach using Europe or Worldwide to turn up items only offer. 

Prices vary a lot, dependent on country and condition. Boxes for Gonio's are blue and Kaden are red. Both have picture windows. It is hard to find perfect boxes.

The models look and feel great, not 100% acurate, but not far out. Do gave a look for them

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