Good Customer Service

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This is a short guide to explain how to be a good seller and provide good customer service.

Being a good seller isn't all about selling an item at a low price it isn't about getting paid or even sending the item on time.  It is part of this, but in my estimation the most important part of the sale is customer service.  When you list an item to sell it's important to get the right description explain your item well and compare to other similar items.  Do the leg work so the customer doesn't have to.

After the sales has gone through contact the winner and tell them thanks.  You can also say something like, congratulations of being the winning bidder.  This is the part of the sales that shouldn't ever be neglected and whilst this may be obvious some ebayers leave it out.

Once you've sent the item out contact the buyer and ask them to contact you when they recieve the item and to tell you if there are any problems.  You don't have to follow these guidelines you may have your own procedure, but my main point is that customer service is all about the customer.  In my estimation the old rule of the customer is always right still remains.  Yes, there might be customers who annoy you or get up your backside, but remember you put the item on the site knowing that you were going to sell it to a customer.

If you follow through with good customer service then you will see good feedback and this will encourage you to carry on selling.  It isn't always easy selling on ebay.  There is a lot of competition, but if you can give good customer service then your customer will return to you in the future.

I hope this has been of help.

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