Goods not as described, or faulty and needing return

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Please do not be fooled by some sellers self written policys when you pay with paypal you should know this.

when you sell on ebay you agree to abide by there terms and when you use paypal to get payment same again on there terms not negotiable.

So if you get faulty goods or item you did not order or seriously not as described this is seller fault not yours so why should you have to pay for this to be shipped to you? they say no postage costs refunded this is tosh and paypal will refund your full amount keep to there process and not sellers, you wont unless seller agrees get your return shipping back but at least you only have to pay for return, ive seen others say if you leave negative feedback its the end and you are out lol lol this is wrong!

if you leave negative then it must be deserved but its not end if payed by paypal just logg into your paypal account and click on the original transaction page at bottom of that select resolution and follow on screen instructions.

here you can start issue and exchange messages with seller in full view of paypal and if not happy you can esculate to full dispute.

big issue this one if you recieve package you think is empty as this has happened to me and id signed for it and seller put tracking number in paypal that showed delivered i thought how i gonna proceed well there is an answer dont open it go to police explain and open or have them open then get slip fax to paypal (best call them first paypal) and start dispute.


from buyers point of view paypal works superb, always keep to the facts and record anything relevant, remember paypal cannot use personal emails or ebay ones for dispute as proof so only converse when problem arrises in paypal.


Always make sure returned goods go back with tracking and signature required as if seller says never got back thats that paypal will have no choice but to find for them as they need to go on facts, its not they think you liar just they cant go on anybodys word its all about the facts facts facts.

if you have missed boat on complaint still inform paypal they keep records and can help them in future investigations and patterns of a seller and act if need be to restrict or remove there privelages as works with some new sellers ect who dont get there money till recieve good feedback for item sold, bought a couple of things latley where seller has informed me of this and asking me to leave feedback on arrival ect which i was only too happy to do....had it not been 100% then could have been easy resolution so maybe time paypal start a scheme where older sellers who continue to have major complaints can be put on this on probation or somthing? just thought

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