Google Adwords - Tips and Hints

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Google Adwords can be very useful to advertise your site at a very cheap rate, but you have to know how to do it.

Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of people everyday who sign up to Google Adwords, set their budget to 10 cents a day, and then set their CTR (Click through rate) to 0.01cents per click. This does not work. Your adverts will never get any views because every imaginable topic already has hundreds of other adverts offering a higher CTR than you, therefore their adverts display higher in search results and on more pages on websites which are running Google Adsense.

So, what is the best CTR and daily budget for me? Well obviously this depends on a lot of factors, but in general I can summarise it to 2 things.

1. Cheap Advertising. (I ain’t got no money to be spending on adverts and stuff!!)
Set your budget to 18-20Pence per day. Run the tool that Adwords provides which automates your CTR and offers more keywords. This will only get you 1-2 clicks a day, but they are unique and offer possible ways to improve your pagerank etc.

2. More expensive advertising. (I have an online business and it’s generating a decent profit)
Set your daily budget to £20 a day. Then set your CTR to 20p max on advert clicks. You will recieve thousands and thousands of impressions and likely clicks on your adverts. You will get up to 100 clicks before reaching your daily budget.

Remember that the 100 clicks you could recieve will most likely be unique clicks from different users all around the world, or the location which you are advertising to.

More tips.
Is your site about a shop or business in a particular town, such as London. Well you need to edit your location. Go to your account information, click the campaign which advertises the site, and click “Edit Settings”. Now you need to edit the location and enter “City of London”. Your advert will then specialise in advertising in London based websites and directories, which will increase your traffic and help you to recieve clicks from people who are near your business and will probably turn up at your shop.

More tips etc coming soon.

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Ashley Pearson
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