Goose Incubation

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See our guide on incubation and rearing for general incubator set up. In addition to the general guidelines the following has been added specifically for West of England Geese

Goose Incubation

Goose eggs need extra care and the following advice works very well with West of England geese. The information in the general Incubation and rearing guide still applies, but make the following changes.

Set the incubator at 37.2° C
Do not turn the eggs for the first 24hrs
At day 5 remove the eggs from the incubator for 5 minutes to cool down this allows harmful gases to escape, fill a sink with warm water about 20° C and float the eggs in the water for about 1 minute, place the eggs back in to the incubator. Do this daily until day 25.
From day 27 candle the eggs daily to see if internal piping has taken place.
Once internal piping has taken place, wait 24hrs to see if external piping takes place.
If external piping doesn’t take place within 24hrs you should make a small hole in the egg at the round end where the air sack is, this is to prevent the gosling running out of air and dying, be very careful not to crack the egg or you will kill the gosling. Scrape the shell very softly with something small and Sharpe like a pair of tweezers until a small hole is made, then place the egg back in the incubator. If you don't feel confident doing this it is better to see if the gosling can pip itself.

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