Goth Alternative Punk and Hippy - Overkill

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I have been doing ebay for many many years now and there has been an explosion of people jumping on the band wagon of  an aternative lifestyle to try and sell things that are just nothing to do with goth, punk, hippy or anything alternative.

These are sold by small minded bored housewives who are about as alternative as a norm eating a normal pie on a normal monday. The most alternative they get is listening to wham on the radio in the car on the way to bingo.

SO when using Key-Words like GOTH ALTERNATIVE PUNK HIPPY BOHO and FESTIVAL ask yourself, do I know what I am talking about, am I able to judge if this is what is happening in the subculter that I am aiming at? You don't have to be goth to sell to goths....but it helps if you at least know where goths are coming from!

STOP the key-word OVERKILL!

This is not only annoying when you are looking for something and you have to trawl through thousands of adds for alternative items that your nana would look crap in but it also deminishes the value of the real alternative goods. A couple of years ago a good price could be got for boho/hippt long skirts now you can sell them for car polishing and get more for them.

So when as you take the leap onto the band-wagon ask yourself who are you kidding? and do you really want to kill the price gained for real alternative items for sellers who know what they are on about and devalue your own items? Sell things correctly and everyone finds what they are looking for.

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