Granite Worktop Buying Guide

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  Granite Worktop Buying Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you in making the correct choice when looking for granite worktops to purchase, I will guide you through a few simple steps to make sure you are getting the best quality stone, best workmanship and a no strings guarantee.


Quality Guide

When enquiring about price you should be sure to ask about the grade of the granite you are buying, things to ask include the origin of the stone, if it is natural or if it has been treated with dyes and ideally you should be able to inspect the granite before handing any money over. You should be very cautious if any granite company asks for money upfront before your worktops are fully installed.

Quality Grading Bands

Granite is usually sold in three grade bands, Premium, First Choice and Commercial.

Premium Grade
This stone is of the highest quality, very much like First Choice with no visible defects. The surface should be highly polished and naturally sealed. Premium grade is distinguished by an extra attention to detail with careful selection based on even distribution of natural fleck within the stone and desirable pattern.

First Choice
This is called first choice because that's what it usually is, just as with premium grade the stone should be flawless and free from defects with a high gloss polish.

Commercial Grade
Usually very poor quality granite, this is normally used in large commercial projects to save on cost. This granite will almost certainly have visible defects, to try and improve the visual quality the stone normally goes through several dying and treatment stages and can sometimes be hard to tell from First Choice grade.


The Installation Process

Template or Measure Up (Site Survey)?
Templates are the traditional method of starting the installation process, templates are ideal for standard laminate worktop companies because they would visit your home, make a template, cut the laminate in the factory then simply deliver it to your home and slot it all into place. If anything goes wrong a new worktop it is cheap and easy to replace and will usually result in a delay of a week or so.

The site survey method is probably the best option when it comes to granite worktops, taking accurate measurements of your kitchen then cutting the stone in factory allowing for extra lengths to be cut down on site; providing that the company has the skilled stone masons who can custom cut stone on-site. Company's who do not have the skills or equipment to use the site survey method will normally use templates but it may be a troublesome process when working with granite.


Warning Signs

I would advise that you never hand over any deposit or upfront fee before you have seen your worktops installed, companies usually ask for a deposit for a number of reasons, firstly their material is not the of best quality, they do not have confidence in their own workmanship or they are using your deposit to buy the materials before they start the job.

Granite companies that ask for deposits are usually middle men who make charge more money for lower grade stone.

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