Granite and Quartz Worktops

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How do you choose between Granite and Quartz?

This is always a question many of our customers have when they decide to change their kitchen worktops or if they are having a new kitchen installed.

Our advisors are happy to give you some clear guidelines on the type of worktop that you should consider, this can be reflected on the design of your kitchen, style and colour of your units and even the size of the kitchen. It is also important to take the amount of natural light that enters into the room, as well as the type of floor and colour. You are able to access our advisors via our website and by sending us your requirements.

Firstly lets look at the difference between the 2.

Granite :

Natural Stone - Granite is mined from the earths core in large blocks. They are then cut into slabs and shipped to most parts of the world.

Granite is Very Durable and Hard Wearing and can be used in both hot or cold environments.

Comes in many different colours and patterns. A good granite worktop always looking stunning and give your kitchen the wow factor.

Can be used in many applications for both domestic and commercial.

Ablity to withstand high temperatures

Can be Porous, depending on the quality of the granite and will need sealing annually.


Quartz :

Man Made : manufactured in many parts of the world.

Extremely Hard Wearing and Durable : Quartz has a higher threshold when it comes to strenght than Granite.

Colour range is very extensive, so finding a quartz colour and design will be an easy task.

Can be used in many applications both indoors and out doors and can withstand higher heat levels than Granite or any Nautral Stone for that matter.

Completely sealed, no need for sealing.

Does'nt stain.


As you would notice, the Quartz has many benefits against granite, however if you wish to have a natural product installed in you're home, than Granite if the best option for your worktops. When using Quartz you will find that you can have more than one colour or type in the same kitchen, this breaks up the look of the worktops.

With Granite no two Granite slabs are the same and therefore you will have a similiar effect. The most popular Granite worktops is the Absolute black.

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