Granite kitchen Worktops, 5 points to consider

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Hi there, i hope to give you an impatial short guide to choosing your granite worktops from a reputable granite supplier. Please be choosy, you are about to spend a substantial amount of your money, look around, ask questions, make calls, visit if you can. Does the company answer e-mails, questions, calls promptly and efficiently, are they contactable, do they answer the telephone with a company name or hello? Do they have an office, a showroom.....please read on.

1. Feedback, feedback, feedback....Ebay's best tool is its clients feedback, check through feedback thoroughly and consider is it high enough, is it near to 100%, is it relevant to granite samples, care products, actual granite worktops fitted. Does it show reliable service? click back a few pages if available and research things like is VAT included or added later, is the company registered as a business user etc. One great way to spot a bona fide company is do they accept Paypal, and are they reputable enough to accept direct credit and debit cards, ask the question.

2. Factory / Showroom....Almost all good granite companies must have a showroom to show off their wares, or do they just buy from another factory. They should have their own factory and equipment? research, ask and visit if you can. If thats not available or convenient then you should wonder why? remember a picture of a factory is not necesarily their factory.

3. Deposit and payment.....Any good company should be prepared to do the work with a small deposit. If they are confident of their products and workmanship, then there should be no reason for non payment on completion, so be wary of companies asking for unusually large up front payments.

4. Cut on site or template and fit....We do both. For some people cut on site will be better as it can all be done in one day, however to ensure the best fit, you should choose template and fit by a specialist in the field, and make sure you are not paying seperately for this service, buy your worktops supplied and fitted from one company, then there can be no mistake or confusion.

5. Consider the costs very carefully. As with all things, invariably cheap is cheap. Dont be tempted by cost alone. Better quality materials cost a little more, but may well be worth it. We believe in good honest value, we may pay our suppliers a premium for the better materials, but still keep costs down by buying in bulk. We work the materials on brand new efficient automatic equipment, which keeps our costs down. We may end up a few pounds more expensive but our customers can feel the difference.

I have tried to make this an informative guide, not an advertisement.

Stephen Smith

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