Graphics Card Mini Guide

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Also known as a Video card, a Graphics card is responsible for displaying an image on a display device such as a monitor. Graphics cards come in many different types and with some cards costing around £600. The 3 main types are Gaming, Business and Video editing.

Graphics cards today come with there own on-board memory, This allows the graphics card to generate the images and display them on the display device even quicker than using the normal RAM in your computer. Though you can still buy graphics cards without on-board memory though these are usually used for low usage business computers.

Many graphics cards have bult-in cooling fans, this is due to the card overheating when in use. Some graphics cards also now come on-board, these are usually slightly less powerfull however dont require a chip to be inserted onto the motherboard in result saving room, these are usually used in "mini laptops" and "net books".

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