Grill Pan Buying Guide

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Grill Pan Buying Guide

When the weather does not permit you to barbeque outdoors, a grill pan offers another way to prepare delicious meat, fish, or vegetables. Adding a grill pan to your kitchen opens up a variety of new recipes to try and adds a unique, delectable flavour to your favourite cuts of meat. Before you purchase a new grill pan, find out which traits separate the mediocre grill pans from the great ones.


Choose a Thick Grill Pan

Select a thick, solid grill pan. A cast-iron grill pan is ideal, but if its cost is prohibitive, you can find affordable alternatives that are still thick and durable. The thicker the pan, the higher the heat that it can take, meaning a better char on your steak. Make sure that the pan you select is quite a bit thicker than the standard frying pan you have at home.


Look for a Copper Core in a Grill Pan

Another trait to look for in a grill pan is a copper core. Along with a thick, solid bottom, a copper core helps the pan heat up on the stove and maintain the heat. It speeds up the heating process so that you can sear food nicely. On a pan such as this, you should not be able to see or feel the interior grill ridges when you examine the bottom of the pan.


Find a Grill Pan with High Grill Ridges

For cooking processes like caramelisation, you need a grilling pan with high ridges. For your steak or piece of fish, this means more pronounced grill lines for a better look. It also allows you to caramelise onions or other food items more effectively. Make sure that the grill pan you choose is also a non-stick pan, so that you do not have to worry about your food items adhering to the bottom of the pan and being ruined.


Purchase a Grill Pan with a Drainage Spout

Another must-have characteristic of a good grill pan is a drainage spout. With the spout, you can easily drain off grease, drippings, and liquid residue that you do not want. You can also save drippings, broth, or grease for use in another recipe.


Choose a Hard-Anodised Grill Pan

When you buy your grill pan, make sure that it has a hard-anodised surface. A hard-anodised pan is practically impossible to chip or crack, so you can subject it to rigorous use without fear of rendering it unusable. Tough and durable, a hard-anodised grill pan should last your household for years and remain reasonably attractive in spite of hours of indoor grilling.

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