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I recently got ripped of by buying an ebook, for 12.99!!!

The item description was for a nintendo ds console, pictures description the lot.

I ended up opening a dispute with paypal and they found in the sellers favour, this is because the listing was revised seconds before it was pulled (there were 28?)

I wrote to paypal to appeal against their descision, stating the revised description, but never heard from them again.  So this isn't going to save you any money guys just a waste of time following a waste of money.

The con man/woman involved (bhokoh) contacted me & said  the results of the paypal dispute were in the buyers favour and to go to paypal for your refund. It also said "IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY CLAIMING YOUR REFUND, SEND YOUR PAYPAL PASSWORD AND USER TO US AND WE'LL DO IT FOR YOU" !!!!!

They must have thought it really funny, I did/do not.

When I went into the sellers feedback it was obvious there was a team of them giving a few good feedback to each other, then selling items. 

Points to check everytime before you place a bid or buy it now

*Read item description from top to bottom

*check out the sellers feedback (ebay put this on for a reason) it doesn't hurt to look at the members leaving feedback if one member is all thats listed for anothers feedback, be suspicious!!

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