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Its true, your hands are one of the first things people notice about women and men!  It tells a lot about how we look after ourselves, our jobs, our hobbies, our ages and fashion.   But its hard to keep nice nails and proving costly to have false ones!  So, a simple guide to having well manicured nails DIY!  The to do's and NOT to do's!


1. Stop Biting & Neglecting!

Biting your nails or skin around is not a good idea if you want them to look fab.  Heres a helpful true fact to make you stop, there are more nasty germs under your nails than on an average toilet seat.  Remember that next time you fancy a munch! Other things that will no doubt be affecting the quality of your nails might include: Contact to harsh chemicals or cleaning products, over exposue to water, poor use of nail treatments and products, wrong use of nail files, or even poor health.

2. Daily Nail Care - On the Outside

Treat your nails with respect.  Dont use them as tools to open things or to scratch etc!  Stress like that can damage nails and nail beds. Use a good quality Nail Oil (a blend of specific Nail Cuticle almond oil is best like solar oil) daily, before nightime.  Use a good quality hand cream at night to keep your skin soft.

3. Daily Nail Care - From the Inside

Inside?? What?  It's not a myth, the better you are in health, the better your nails will be.  Many health problems can attribute to poor quality nails, splitting, ridges, brittle, lifting etc,.. so to combat this, keep your diet full of Zinc and vitamin B, eat your vegatables and oily fish.  You can always get a decent vitamin supplement just for strong nails in tablet form and take those daily.  Within a month or so you will see noticiable results.

4. Regular Manicures

DIY or get a professional to do it.  But regular manicures will keep your cuticles in good shape and keep your nails the same.  It encourages growth and makes you so proud of them you wont be tempted to let them down.  Keeping nail polishes on is a good dea, it adds a little protection to the top of your nail and makes you attend to them more.  Use a non acetone polish remover only.

5. DIY Manicure STEP BY STEP

Firstly, take off any old nail polish etc from the nails witha cotton wool or lint free nail wipe. Use an acetone free nailpolish remover, this is less harsh on your nails.

Using a standard fine nail file and filing in one direction only to avoid splitting, file the nails until you get your perfect shape. This could be square, round, squoval, pointed etc.  As a guide, look at your cuticle shape, is it square, rounded, long?  This is a good guide as to your natural shape.  Gently buff the top of you nails with a 3 way shiner file until shiny.

Next, use a cuticle cream to the cuticle on each finger and massage gently to soften them. Then, soak your hands in a bowl of luke warm water for about five minutes.  You can add a few drops of solar oil to this.

Dab your hands dry, then using a cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticles back. If you have a lot of  'baggy' cuticles you can remove this with a cuticle nipper but be very careful not to cause bleeding.  I recommend letting a manicurist or nail technician do this for you.

Wipe your nails off with a fesh wet wipe for any excess creams that may be left on them as this could leave a residue making application of nail  varnish difficult.

Nail polish Time! Choose your colour, or french, but always use a good strengthining base coat.  I recommend a nail hardening base coat.  That way its working and useful as a polish base.  Easy light strokes, do one or two coats, letting each coat dry before appling the next.  Finish with a good quality fast drying tough top coat.  Allow to dry for as long as you can before doing anything to avoid upsetting smudges and dents!  This can take half an hour or so .  If you use a quick dry solution , make sure you wait at a minute or two before applying these as you could cause the nail varnish to bubble if applied to soon.  You can remove any excess nail varnish from the surround skin using an orange stick with a thin layer of cotton wool on the end dipped into nail remover or a polish remover pen.

Do your own maniucres weekly, have a professional one monthly.  They are a nice little treat and dont cost the earth.  Watch how they are done and pick up any hints and tips.

Change your colours regularly and never be afraid to try new colours.  Also, why not pick up an nail art kit and try some nail art, stickers or stamps?!! 



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