Growing Bamboo Plants Easy as 1,2,3?

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Growing bamboo can prove difficult if not grown properly.  Seeds are rare and quite difficult to come by so many people opt for buying a bamboo plant from their local garden centre.  There are many rewards from growing your bamboo from seed and these should not be underestimated however if you are impatient then look to buying a good quality plant.

When purchasing a bamboo plant is is very important to ensure that the seedling is young or that the bamboo plant is around the twelve month old mark.

It is easy to become carried away when buying plants, particularly if they look green lush and you get carried away in the heat of the moment. You have heard of the term "buyer beware", well this term can be used here The biggest looking bamboo plant is not always the best and most healthy specimen.

You need to be able to detach yourself from emotion when purchasing you bamboo plant, take account of the area where you need the bamboo located within your garden, does it need full or part sun, will the bamboo plant require protection from the wind, what kind of soil does the bamboo like and more importantly what temperatures will the bamboo tolerate? These are all important questions to consider when you are purchasing you bamboo plant.

So it is necessary then to detach yourself from emotion and excitement of buying a large specimen, it is essential to pay attention to the bamboo plant and do a little investigation work to see how it has been cultivated.

Buying A Bamboo Plant

It is important to give bamboo time to grow at its own speed. A bamboo plant needs time to grow at their own pace to allow for growth and maturity, this is because of their complex rhizome and root structures, which are essential for the continuation and healthy growth of the plant. If the plant is rushed or potted on too early and not allowed to grow and develop at its own pace then it may be of poor quality, and it may also be prone to disease and ultimately die


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