Guarantee To Receive E-mail

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Do yourself a favour.
Guarantee to receive the e-mail you want to receive.

Lots of people never receive the e-mail they requested.

Why ???

Because their e-mail is filtered by the E-mail hosts they use.

If you are serious about selling on line you MUST set up your own Server e-mail address.

You can then set your own filters, or not as the case may be.

For goodness sake treat your on-line business like a proper business.
Businesses don't rely on other people blocking their mail, if they don't
receive mail they go down the tubes FAST.

If you have (or have aspirations for) an Internet business, then for goodness sake, treat it with respect.
Treat it like a business.

If you have friends you want to send the latest chain mail, then by all means use Yahoo or your ISPs email account.
It’s not critical.

It doesn’t matter if your friend doesn’t receive it.
(they won’t because it’ll be filtered out on the network).

But if you’re doing business, then use a business email address on one of your own domains.

Have you ever seen an email from me that was sent from my ISP ?

So why would you send me an email or sign up to my mailing list with an ISP account.
Don't do it.

If you’re not serious about your business, then don’t expect business people to treat you seriously.

Having an email address with Google, MSN, AOL, or any other ISP is like having a phone that doesn’t always ring out.
And that phone only sometimes works when you want to make a call.

And you probably know if you’ve had any dealings with me that I try to get replies out to you as soon as I’m able.

As I said in an earlier post, the chances of you sending a business email from Yahoo to AOL
(and vice-versa) and you ever getting a reply back you can count on, are next to zero.

Something in that business email will trigger a network filter.

So get yourself sorted out and set up your own server e-mail.
Guarantee that you will receive all the e-mail you want, regardless of the over sensitive filters your ISP sets up to
eliminate "Spam".

I'm not advocating the use of Spam. I hate it

But you should be in control of your own e-mail.

Ken Trueman at BitsinaBox
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