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The headphones are amazing electronic that should be owned my everyone. The smooth and the clearality of the sound is excellent. It's flexible and allows music to be heard with different positions.  It had many colours you could choose from and excellent quality of sound. It has 2 plugs that you can share with your partner when listening to music. Enjoying the music together and at the same time.  The head piece are flexible that allow only on ear to enter the music as required. It has the beats logo which is well known. All you have to do is plug in the headset with the phone or iPods or any other electronic and listen to the music on the go.  It comes in easy and good wrapping. The sound quality is excellent as it doesn't damage the ears even if you want to enjo the music on the lound. Music can be head in any position...example sleeping, walking, ect. As it doesn't have small piece it's suitable for small kids. It's at the highest of the electronic today in the market and it's worth having. It's very light and easy to carry around. The sponge are very soft so even if it's used for a long time it won't hurt the ears.
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