Guide / Review for the NXT LVL urban apparel bandanas

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Hi Ebayer

I hope this Guide can help you understand a little more about these products and the quality in general.

Firstly the styles are Grade A Plastisol prints onto a 100% cotton bandana.

Honestly I'm totally happy with the print quality, the bandanas are a different story as I am doing my best to scout out and produce Premium quality products,

postage and the overall quality of the bandana are crucial to me and are the two main areas which i'm trying to improve upon.

Stating that im also looking to have my own bandanas stitched instead of using standard quality which for me personally doesnt cut the mustard.

This does not mean the bandanas are sketchy for that matter, They look real cool, just as they should.

Also remember that these styles are only exclusive to ebay for the while.

There is also a second set of 3 coming soon so Ill be posting those up once they are ready possibly whithin the next 3 weeks.

Any questions or constructive criticisim is welcomed and deeply appreciated as it is all taken into consideration for NXT LVL UA to bring you that edge which no one else has, so its also up to you to tell us how we can improve your service to you.

Have no fear however as the ideas bloom and begin to innovate, You'll find that right here.

Heres a link to our Deviant Art account where most of the graphics is published:

I hope this guide can help you out in whatever way it may.

Peace, love & Unity

NXT LVL urban apparel
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