Guide To Buying An Office Chair

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As we are not all made the same, I would strongly advise anyone whose going to purchase an office/ computer chair or executive chair to demonstrate before purchasing.  (Especially if you have a back problem).

There are thousands of chairs being sold on line, but is it the right one for you?

One that suits 6'2" tall Mr Jackson isn't going to be comfortable for 5'1" tall Miss Davies.

An awful lot of 'cheaper chairs' and I'm not naming any! May look good but they can be extremely problematic and to be perfectly honest not built to last, especially in a commercial environment.  Some not even conforming to regulations. (Unfortunately, this is the throw away society we have become). 

Just how many have experienced not being able to put them together properly or have had the screws shear off when assembling.  (I know I have and won't touch them ever again, it was a learning curve).

Do yourself a favour and invest in something that will last. By spending that little bit extra you could be getting a good quality manufactured chair that has a 5 year plus warranty and not having to pay tipping charges for one ending up in our already overcrowded landfill sites.

If you spend a lot of time on a chair and it happens to be a high back (leather faced) managers type with arms, you will find that in most cases, the arms will bang against the desk top, so you cannot physically get the chair arms underneath the desk top, which in toll makes you sit on the front edge of the chair seat cushion with no support in the lumbar area of your back. 

This in fact is the wrong type of application for this use.  It may look the part, but without realising it, you are causing your back damage.  Millions of man hours in the UK are lost by not having the correct chair that fits the body.

What I have also noticed is that with this type of chair there is just a one lever mechanism, gas height and the same lever operates a tilting back.  When the back is locked, there is still that bit of bouincy when it is locked position.  If your doing VDU work you need your back to be in the correct seating postion.

If you require arms, search for height adjustable arms.  A synchronised mechanism even better.  Some people may prefer a kneeling or saddle stool.

I'm going to list a down a few manufacturers of office chairs to look out for if you feel you have to buy on line. 

Steelcase, Herman Miller, KAB, Giroflex, Verco, Pledge, Haworth, Orangebox, HAG, Status Seating and Tract, to name a few good examples.  There are more quality ones out there.

I personally have the Herman Miller Equa 2 with inflatable lumbar pump at home and a KAB controller in the office.  To me they're worth every penny, considering the appalling examples I have seen on a day to day basis.

The Herman Miller Aeron is the 'Rolls Royce' of office chairs, but again try before you buy as they come in different sizes.

I have written this guide to try and educate not just on the suitabiity of chairs but also the environmental impact on not only the supply chain (we know where the cheap ones are made!) but the filling of landfill sites with cheap inferior products that do not stand up to an 8 hour day.

In this case, the saying "you get what you pay for" is the truth.

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