Guide To Buying Second Hand Phones

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What Am I Actually Purchasing and Who From

One of the concerns when buying a second hand mobile phone is that you will end up purchasing something that is somehow defective or only has a limited life expectancy. Obviously, this is not always easy for a Seller to guarantee as they will have purchased the handset themselves and can only, realistically, perform tests on the handset. However, if they have a 14 day or even 30 day returns policy then this is a very good indicator that they are a trustworthy Seller and that your rights as a buyer are safeguarded.

Certain feedback ratings can be a very good indicator as to how reliable a Seller is and what kind of service you can expect from a particular second hand mobile phone Seller. One thing to bear in mind is that you are dealing with the second hand or used goods market now, so it is unreasonable to expect a Seller to have a perfect score. In fact, I would be suspicious of a second hand mobile phone Seller that did. However, a very low “Positive Feedback” score is also a something to be wary of.

Know What You Want To Buy and How Much You Should Paying

It is very important, when buying a second hand mobile phone online, that you read the listing very carefully and especially understand the grading system that is used. This will help to familiarise you with condition of the handset before you receive it. Many listings only use generic pictures of the handset as a means of identification rather than representing the actual smartphone you are purchasing. A good Seller will also display images, somewhere in their listing, to help explain their grading system to you.

This is quite a surprising one really but many people don’t know what the actual price of the handset would be if they bought it new, let alone what a used mobile phone should cost. If you do your research beforehand it will give you a clearer idea as to what sort of condition the handset is really in. Similarly, if you think you’ve found a good deal, it would pay to check out other listings from the same Seller. Always remember, any business operates predominantly to make money (there would be little point otherwise) and so, if a particular handset is significantly lower in price than what you are expecting and in comparison to the Seller’s other listings, there may be something in the listing that you’ve missed!


The best advice I can give, if you are looking to buy a second hand mobile phone, is that you simply gain a bit of knowledge about the smartphone that you would like to buy before you dive in. There are plenty of review sites that will give you the latest information about mobile phones, both new and old and owners who are happy to share their own experience of your preferred smartphone. Once you know which handset you would like and the sort of price you will need to pay then you’re well prepared to pick yourself up a bargain!

Happy bidding :-)
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