Guide To Cleaning Your Tile & Grout For Ceramic & Porcelain

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Understand The Issue First!

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are fairly simple to get clean but there are a few techniques to make more of a effective clean rather than just following the instructions on the back of the bottle if you like see this guide as a bit more of “tricks of trade”.
Usually on these types of tiles there is just general build up of soap scum and general dirt. This happens usually due to the homeowner or cleaner using too much cleaning fluid whatever maybe there preference. Having had this conversation many times what happens is that the cleaning fluid is added and added until it smells really good! This could be lemon, mint, orange whatever the scent you should not keep adding and adding until you are satisfied that the fragrance. This is because if to much cleaning fluid is “in the Wash” it will leave excess product behind this in turn will attract the dirt quicker and over time builds up the “soap scum”.

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Equipment Needed

The Clean

So let’s start on removing it with the deep clean then we can look again at “your maintenance” so that it stays cleaner for longer.
Note: For Even more effective Clean you can replace brush with a rotary floor buffing machine fitted with a soft to medium brush and the mops with a wet vacuum.
Once you have all this lets begin...........
Step 1 Pre wet the floor with clean (preferably warm/hot) water this fills the tile and grout if it is porous allowing the chemical to work where we need it to
Step 2 Add cleaning solution such as Miracle Ceramic & Porcelain Cleaner and agitate with the brush or floor machine. Allow to dwell (5-15mins) be patient it’s not magic!
Step 3 Agitate and extract the dirty solution either with mop or wet vacuum
Step 4 Rinse with clean (preferably warm/hot) water and extract again
Step 5 Allow to Dry overnight especially to see the clean results on grout!

Grout & Sealing

Now some grout after years of build up of dirt is sometime impossible to get looking new again so you may want to consider grout colorant or a grout pen.
Also you may wish to consider sealing your tile and grout I would suggest Miracle 511 Impregnator  this will aid in cleaning in future making it “less Intense” to clean next time
Note if grout colorant is used there will be not need to seal the grout! And grout colorant should be carried out prior to sealing tiles!
Now you have gone through this gruesome task..............
Step 1 Only dilute you maintenance cleaning fluid like Miracle Tile and stone cleaner (link) as per the instructions and apply
Note: Once a month or every 3 months I suggest using a “Double mop method” this is applying solution with wet mop and mopping up excess with dry mop this will prevent “soap scum”  

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