Guide To Tool Holders & Pouches

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At first sight there can be a bewildering array of options of tool holders and pouches in particular. Some clearly serve purposes that vary wildly from others within the range, however there are others that can appear very similar to one another.
Ideally, the more items you can comfortably take with you on the tool belt rather than carrying them by hand when going up ladders or working at heights the better - both for convenience and safety. However, thought needs to be given to what you really need and indeed have enough room for on the belt.
Hammer Holders
The standard design of hammer holder is good for most situations, but some people prefer a 'kick out' style that stops repeated banging against the legs or an option that swings to always stay vertical that can even be combined with a 'no look' snap in feature for those who often have to keep their eyes concentrated overhead. A particular variant also offers a higher sitting position on the hip.
Tape Measure Holders
The measure holder for a tape reel can be an extremely useful addition to any tool belt. They are available with a strap and pop stud fixing or have an easy flip over cover option. The very latest versions can cope with the newer oversized jumbo bi-material cased reels, ensuring that all bases are covered for carrying your tape measure, regardless of its model.
Utility Knife Sheath
A sheath for the ubiquitous utility knife is another popular choice of tool carrier for any belt, as is a holder for a pair of pliers or snips that can either be enclosed or open ended, again with a securing strap.
Cordless Drill & Phone Holders
The remaining two items in our 'Top 6' are designed to hold things that almost all of today's tradesmen cannot possibly do without: a holster for the cordless drill or driver and a safe, clean and convenient place to keep the mobile phone handy!
Others durable tool holders can hold framing squares and there are even those designed for torches or plumb bob and line, although a more universal one may be of higher priority.
Electrician's Pouches
Electrician's pouches have additional features such as more individual easy access vertical storage space that affords better protection from damage for critical tools like VDE pliers and screwdrivers. They also often feature an external clip so a tape reel is instantly available, as well as an additional holder for rolls of insulating tapes.
Builders Pouches
A good choice of builders pouch may have the benefit of two hammer loops and a variety of pockets for smaller hand tools like chisels and short levels. It is also worth getting one with a large pocket that fits a speed square.
Drywall Pouches
For dry liners, a simple nail and tool pouch will often suffice and if not, you can always opt for a more specifically configured design. Look out too for the potential left or right-handed orientation.
Finally, there is an extra that can be added to either apron, rig or even just straight onto a belt; the large multi-purpose hook can hold a wood saw, nail gun or similar tool.
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