Guide To Writing A Listing

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Hi And Welcome

Here is my guide to writing a listing;

I have been doing ebay now for nearly three years and have learn't some things and would like to share them with you.

I started out selling some items and decided to sell clothes and also a few other things.

The first thing I learn't was presentation, key words and a bit of paitence the most important thing to have lol.

First off is the title;

Make it an eye opener by adding the key words, look at the item of clothing you have, for instance if you have a tartan skirt don't put ladies red skirt as it will look bland put something like; goth/emo/punk/kilt these are some of the key words that do stand out from all the others, the size of the skirt is also important, you could use u.k. or size.

Next is the description;

I will keep with the tartan skirt through this for you, write a description about it not just ladies tartan skirt.

Put it snazzy and start off with something like for this auction.

Next you put the colour/fabric if you know it, if you don't describe what it is like so for the tartan skirt you would put red and tartan.

You could also say it will look great with fishnets/stockings and boots this will hopefully make the buyer imagine what it is like ( if they wish to bid ) on themselves.

Then come the measurements and the size;

the length/width/size, these are important as they can measure themselves against what you are selling.

Start price I always list because it tells them if it is a good buy or not, don't go sky high but don't lower yourself thinking if you list it low it will go mad as this dosen't always work, look at your item and think how much you would like it to go for so if you want £10.00 for it but are willing to let it go for £6.00 at least then you haven't lost out that much, you might be suprised and it might actually go for what you want. It is a gambling game sometimes you win and sometimes not its the chance you have to take.

The pictures are also important, ok were all not brilliant at taking photos I know I'm not but sometimes they come out brill. Copy/crop and make any neccessary changes to them to make them look better if they can see it you stand a better chance of it selling it.


don't go mad, as some will list at £0.99 and put a postage cost of £10.00, a skirt should cost around £2.00 in postage, this will cover your recorded delivery/package costs.

When you start the listing use a background, some you have to pay for but it makes your listing look nice and presentable and its worth the money to spend at the end of the day if your item does well.

Write your listing with care, alot of sellers put the terms and conditions on and usually it is more longer than the description itself thats ok but I like the simple life thats why I only put the description/start price and postage costs and not the dos' and don'ts.

When your item sells leave feedback as it helps others to know your a good seller/buyer.

 If sometimes it does go wrong don't leave negative feedback contact them first and be kind and helpful not nasty, treat your customers how you would like to be treated yourself. Newbies are great I have sold alot to them myself, don't be put off as we all have had to start somewhere....

It normally takes me 30 mins to do a listing but I have been doing this a while and I am still learning new things every day.

Hope this has helped you and good luck any questions please ask......




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