Guide for new Ebayers

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If you are reading this then the chances are that you are new to Ebay, probably the biggest shop in the world! At first Ebay seems daunting and can be confusing so hopefully these few guidelines will help. 

1) Try and choose a name that is easy to remember, catchy and if possible relates to you.

2) Start of buying and selling cheaper - smaller items, after all, if you have a zero or low feedback rating the chances of  you selling an expensive item for a fair price will be limited due to the trust factor associated with your feedback.

3) Be careful of scammers and fraudsters. Like in the real world their are elements of this on Ebay. Read feedback carefully! Contact the seller and ask all questions before bidding. Always remember, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is to good to be true! Don't post to any other address other than the one listed with Ebay and/or Paypal. Don't login to Ebay or Paypal through emails sent to you and always check the URL address. If in doubt ask Ebay!!!!!!

4) Make up your mind about what you want to pay and stick to it. Auction fever can be a devil. Always check to make sure the same item isn't listed using a different description! I have seen items sell for £9.25 but the same seller has had a BUYITNOW option for the same item for £6.99. This is not the sellers fault and you only have yourself to blame.

5) Watch out for unscrupulous sellers bidding on their own item to bump up the price! One thing experience has taught me is that in most cases their will always be another one on Ebay sooner rather than later.

6) Personally, I will never buy an item if I asked the seller a question but I have not received a reply. If they can't be bothered to reply to your question then how reliable are they!

7) Check postage costs prior to bidding if they are not mentioned.

8) Enjoy and Good luck!! 



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