Guide on Applying Temporary Henna Tattoo Transfers

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Arins Guide on How To Apply Temporary Henna Tattoo Transfers.

Temporary henna tattoo transfers are an instant way to have a beautiful plain or glitter design in minutes. They are especially useful if you're short on time and want a henna type design, or if you want that something extra to go with your outfit for a special occasion. They are great for people who don't have the patience to apply natural henna or wait for it to dry, or for those who don't want the design to last a fortnight like natural henna, for work purposes.

Most transfers are on an A4 or A5 sheet in the form of hand designs, and appear to be for either adults or children. They are available in a range of designs and colours, with or without glitter. Depending on the intricacy of the design, they can be applied on any part of the body if cut carefully. (applying on face, especially near eyes is not recommended or advisable.)

These transfers are not recommended for people with sensitive skin. It is also advised to test a small area first before applying the full design.

Applying Method:

It is best to gather the necessary items before you start applying, you will need a bowl of water and a sponge or a cloth and scissors!

(Personally I use wet wipes, they're moist enough & a handy size!)

  • Choose the area where you will apply your transfer & cut individual design/s to your requirement. (trying to apply a large chunk, eg: on back of hand, will only result in some parts transferring with your design peeling!) Also, do not remove protection paper! cut the design with the protection paper to avoid it sticking everywhere!
  • Once you have chosen the area, make sure it is clean and dry, free from oils and lotions.
  • Remove the protection paper & place design face down on skin.
  • Apply water on the back either with a wipe or sponge, and hold firmly for about 40-60 seconds. If you wet it thoroughly, it will not work. These transfers only need enough water to soak the backing paper but not be dripping wet. If you're using a wipe, you only need to hold it firmly in place on top of the design for about a minute, it will moisten it just enough in that time.
  • Gently peel back a corner to see if the design has transferred, if not, hold for a further minute. If it has, then gently slide backing paper off.
  • With your moist cloth/wipe just dab on top of the design & allow to dry or dab with a paper towel.
  • Finally you can dust with talcum powder to keep your design dust free & lasting longer.

These transfers, based on personal experience, last around a week. As with everything, it is dependant on the individual, where the transfer design is applied, & how much contact you have with water. They are also instantly removable.


Instant Removal Method:

  • Alcohol will remove these transfers instantly. (for those who have no religious reasons.)
  • You can also use: nail polish remover, cold cream or baby oil.
  • Simply dab a cotton wool with your chosen remover and wipe over the design until removed.
  • Based on personal experience, baby oil works best!

I hope this guide is useful and provides extra tips for those who wonder why the simple instructions with the transfers don't always work! I have used many temporary tattoos/transfers, and followed many instructions to find the best way that works for me. With past experience I know that what works with one set of transfers will not work with another and hope with this guide you can also find what works best with you.



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