Guide on Local Pay As You Go Sim Cards abroad.

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Guide on Local Pay As You Go Sim Cards abroad.

Buying a local Pay As You Go mini micro nano sim card for where you are traverling to is a great idea it will save you a fortune.

Plus points - Saves you money upto 95% - Your get a Local mobile phone number ready to use before you set of on your trip - Most offer free incoming calls - Handy also for looking for work places to stay and booking tours as people are not going phone you back on a non local number but thay will phone back a local mobile number. Avoid roaming charges on calls - data - apps

Make sure your UK GSM - 3G - 4G  mobile is unlocked.

Unlocked - Means the mobile is unlocked to other networks. Say your phone is locked to UK O2 this means you cant use any other sim card then a UK O2 sim card. If your phone is unlocked this means you can use more than one network sim card on your phone. Getting your phone unlocked is easy some times free. Most phones can be unlocked for a small fee. A lot phones come unlocked. Easy way to find out if your phone is unlocked or locked is try a O2 sim card and a Vodafone(U can try this with any networks) sim card in your phone and if thay both work then your phone is unlocked if thay dont then your phone is locked.

Need any more info let me know and i be happy to help.

Check out Experimentalist my ebay store for global sim cards for RTW travel

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