Guide on avoiding awkward Powersellers.

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Guide on avoiding awkward Powersellers.


I am writing this guide on my personal experiences and what my findings have told me about eBay Powersellers. I shall begin by stating Powersellers are USUALLY professional and very good at the selling/buying process (usually selling)

I must say though, do not be fooled into leting Powersellers trick you into a false sense of security. I find that usually people feel more confident in buying of Powersellers due to their high status, however this is not always the case. On several occasions I have found I have recieved VERY bad service from Powersellers. This has been when buying from a Powerseller not selling to them.

Why? Well usually it is because they have grown so big, they cannot function properly due to having to many things to do. Whether it being the item turning up at all, damaged or out of stock after buying - it is still very annoying as a buyer and very time wasting. On all occasions I doubt they have intentionally messed me around, however some seem to have an arrogance due to their name and feedback.

How can you spot these people? This is very hard to do. When sellers have shops then they are usually more organised and speciallised at what their selling, however sometimes they still make mistakes. There are several areas to look out for when buying, to make sure you're dealing with real professionals.

  • Feedback (Look at this explicitly, like you usually would - just because of their name you shouldn't view them differently).
  • Feedback #2 (Look at their left comments, if it is small and simple - then they're more likely to be arrogant).
  • Foreign (Over the years people selling from abroad have taken long to deliver the items, there isn't much you can do as they're abroad). Obviously buy from abroad but ask them before buying to find more about them
  • Listing itself (Read the details of the items. A confident Powerseller will list everything, they're more likely to be scamming if they list no details by using the false pretence of time)
  • Instinct (Usually overlooked - but pure instinct can sometimes tell you if it's legit or not)

Basically, treat them like you would a normal person. The title "Powerseller" is designed so you know you're dealing with a professional. However eBay is now so big, alot of these people are unproffesional so you must treat them as usual sellers.

Also, my final point - there is VERY little you can do when stuck in a problem like this. Usually eBay will protect the Powerseller as they are more experienced and sell more (therefore making eBay more money). It's sad to take in - but if you do get into a argument with a Powerseller, no matter how much you're right - you probably won't win due to their status.

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