Guide on how to FAIL University. On eBay ;)

Like if this guide is helpful
Rules of regulation for FAILING University, This will be helpful in every way that you'd definitely fail. Because that's the way things are sometimes...

1. First day of University... be very late turning up, but better yet, don't come in at all. This goes for the very first year, because you won't get to the second... remember?  You FAILED!

2. Do not hand in any assignment work or in fact any work the lecturers ask off you, pretty easy really, because you just ignore their demands.

3. Falling asleep/ playing on handheld consoles/ playing in general/ naughts and crosses/ anything thats is a direct distraction from learning, is the way to go while in lectures! ;)

4. Pulling sick-days after going to town the night before for the partehhhhh! FTW (Y)      [ for people who don't understand FTW=For The Win, (Y) = thumbs up. if you dont understand, get hotmail and join MSN douche.]

5. Just ask stupid questions through out lecture time, you make yourself look stupid, so you'll feel stupid, then you'll FAIL... great, no? thats a mental one i thought i'd throw in =D

6. WrIte LIke ThiS iN aLl YouR aSsiGnMenTs... in font size 5. OR Wrt lik der aint no Engwish, init man? cos dats ow dey knw u is a nob, nd u like FAIL then.

7. Getting violent / abusive towards the lecturers and students can get you kickied out or flunk out... but its the pansy way of getting out and failing to be honest. Stop this and just FAIL the right way.

No need for the thanks and fan mail, i know, i know, it is a good guide to write up right? Why didn't anyone thought of this before? I'm sorry? What? You thought it up before me? Then why not add in what you though too by telling me what else can go on this guide!
And ys, you've got to stick to the SEVEN golden failing rules. I promise you , that you'll fail univeristy in a sitch! oh and at worst, they'll just put you under as mentally retarded, but then theres another whole set or rules for that to fail...
;) cliffhangers.. I like that.... lol
Enjoy and have a laugh! ahahaha
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