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It's easy to assume that the heavier the towel, the more absorbent it is. But you need to consider the type of cotton used as well.  All the BATHSHEETS that I sell are ethically sourced and of exceptional quality.

DEEP PILE BATHSHEETS [My Exclusive range] - 700-900gsm

DEEP PILE BATHSHEETS that I sell on my site  feel warm and substantial when wrapped around your body. They are generally long lasting.

MEDIUM DEEP PILE - 400-600gsm

Medium weight towels are just as absorbent as heavyweight towels, but are lighter, cooler and faster drying. This makes them ideal for families as they're easier for children to manage and quicker to dry in busy bathrooms. Please message me through eBay for our latest range of BATHSHEETS in this category.

Our EXCLUSIVE Modal Turkish Towel range [Made under Licence and sold EXCLUSIVELY in leading retailers in the UK and EU] are the thickest, most absorbent BATHSHEETS available. They contain 900 grams of the finest Turkish yarn per square metre. Now you can experience the luxury of leaving a Turkish bath in your own home! These towels are comfortable, absorbing and warm to the touch.

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Care Guide for our Bathsheets

◾Always wash your new towels before you use them to 'break them in'. It takes several washes for towels to achieve their maximum absorbency, softness and fluffiness. ◾To help keep your coloured towels looking lovely and bright, use a special 'colour' washing powder. Also keep them away from strong sunlight as well as bleaches, oils and face creams that contain benzoyl peroxide. To keep your white towels brilliantly white, only ever wash them in a 'white' load. ◾Avoid using fabric conditioner with towels, as it leaves a 'coat' on the towelling loops, which reduces their absorbency. If you do use fabric conditioner, use only the tiniest amount in only the occasional wash. ◾Tumble dry your towels with textured 'dryer balls' in the drum to make them extra soft and fluffy. You can find dryer balls in most supermarkets, but a couple of tennis balls will the job just as well. They basically keep the drum moving to help air get inside the towels.
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