Guide to BUYING internationally

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Dear fellow eBayers!

As a keen and very frequent eBay user, I have decided to give you all some advice, from experiences, to purchasing online with international sellers (anywhere outside UK).

Buying internationally:

1) Find out as much information as you possibly can about the seller:

-Check their Feedback for positive comments etc.

-Check their number of previous sales (The more they have sold then the better they tend to be!)

- Check how long they have been eBay users (The longer they have been using ebay as a commercial tool then the more trust-worthy they will be)

- Search their email addresses and/or member ID names on popular search engines (i.e. Google) to see if anyone else has stuff, be it good or bad, about the seller from previous experience (e.g. on boards and forums)

2) The item listing...

- Does the listing read okay? is it very brief? are there no images of the product? is it in English? (If you have any suspiscions as regards to the listing then be careful)

3) Price...

- Is the price way too cheap for the product (e.g. a pair of Prada shoes that RRP at £189 here for sale at £35 on eBay!)

Remember: if something seems too good to be true then it probably is - don't be fooled!

4) Postage...

- Ensure with the seller the costs of postage and shipping, be fully informed of shipping fees, packaging costs and import tax on your goods. (e.g-  a 5Kg parcel with free shipping from China to UK... need I say more?!?) lol.

- Make sure any item you buy from abroad is legal in your country (goes without saying)

-For fuller trust ask for a tracking service and a copy of dispatch invoice.

- If postage costs seem suspect then check them with the currier.

5) Don't be afraid to ask questions...

- If you have any problem/queery/misunderstanding/disagreement then do not hesitate to ask the seller a question about the item before buying it! you are the customer, the customer always comes first, and so you are intitled to ask questions and have an opinion.

Note: I have had numerous problems as regards to sellers and buyers from Nigeria, so please be extra vigealent when trading with these people.

Happy eBaying and good luck!


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