Guide to Bidding like a Pro to find the games you want

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So many watch items and miss out I thought I would do a short guide on how to find and get the bargains you want for the price you want.


When searching always try to minimise the amount of search words you enter. This is because if you search on, for example: "Sega Megadrive Game Sonic the Hedge Hog Boxed" you will get limited results as not all sellers put that much information in their titles. I've seen people just put "Game" in the title and thats it! These listing are therefore hard to find and you have a slim chance of finding them by just searching in the title box. Therefore the best way to search is to use minimal keywords and go down through the catagory options. I will follow the same example below:
  1. Rather than "Sega Megadrive Game Sonic the Hedge Hog Boxed" (which when doing this example brought up 8 results) shorten your search words - i.e. "Sonic Megadrive" then just try "Sonic"
  2. Now at the time of doing this "Sonic Megadrive" has brought up 376 results! quite a change from the 8 previously found. So now you need to narrow down and find the one you want to bid on.
  3. The simplest way to cut the numbers down is by using the tabs at the tops of the auction listings: All Items (viewed by default), Auctions only, Buy it Now Only. So if you just want to find the cheapest Buy it now item just click the Buy it now tab the sort the listings into "Price + P&P: Lowest First" then just have a scroll through the first couple of pages to find what you want.
  4. Now looking at Auctions Only you can also narrow down what you are looking at to find a bargain. When looking at Auctions Only be sure to sort the listings in order of "Time: Ending Soonest" as otherwise by the time you have gone through the listings a bargain auction may have already finished!
  5. In the left hand window you will see the Categories this will help you narrow down the search considerably to find the bargains!
  6. Click on the relevant catagory to cut the results - in this case I have the options of: Games, Consoles & Systems, Vintage & Retro Gaming, Merchandise & Books. So in this example I click on Games.
  7. I am now down to 111 results - so shaved a bit off the 376 I could have been trawling through for hours!
  8. Again in the left hand column you can refine the search further. Used items are typically cheaper than new so you can choose either Used or New by clicking on the option under Condition. So in this example I am going to click Used. I now have 89 listings rather than 111.
  9. With items such as games & dvds there are region locks on where they can be sold so for example USA dvds can only be played in a USA or compatible dvd player and this is the same for most games too - in this example UK (or PAL) games can only be played in the UK or Europe. So narrowing the search by location can help too.
  10. In the left hand column again scroll down and select "UK Only" under the Location heading. In this example my results have gone down to 88 so only 1 was outside the UK - dependant on what you are looking at this could be 100's
  11. The final thing I tend to narrow down on is the price - you know the most you are prepared to spend so no point looking at items higher than your top price. So you can set a range you want to look at. Again in the left hand window scroll down to "Price". You wil see there are two boxes with £____   to £____ quite simiply you can enter your minimum to maximum price. So in this example I will enter £0.01 and my minium and £2 as my max. Then click "Go"
  12. The search results are now 32 - a far easier amount to look through than the initial 376!

Watching & Bidding

Sooooo many people watch items and dont bid its painful.Then when the auction has finished and didnt sell all the watcher are kicking themselves they didnt bid as they would have got it for 99p....

The simple rule is Watching is purely short term - if you see an item you really want on at 99p or whatever a resonable cost is that you are more than prepared to pay - put in a watching bid. By this I mean - if you see a TV for 99p no reserve - its quite obvious that it shouldnt sell for 99p so rather than watching it - just put a bid of £1 on it - this will put it in your " My eBay" under your bidding items. Yes you will be outbid but it is still in your Bidding items so you can watch it from there and bid again if you like and if by some freak of nature no one else bids you have won it!! This is how people get the bargains! Bidders win - watchers dont.

Bidding in the last few seconds can be dodgy because if your computer or web slows down or there is a bidding frenzy you will miss out. If you really want to bid in the last seconds use a site like to do it for you. You can enter your highest bid and it will put it in within the last few seconds for you automatically.

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