Guide to Buy a Knitting Machine on eBay

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Please raise your hand if you have ever felt overwhelmed,
whilst looking to buy a knitting machine.
When you search on ebay, suppose brother, knitting machine
you are hit with numerous listings, Oh! how frustrating! 😟

Well! In this guide I am going to help you, narrow down your search to only few items.
Making it easy for you to purchase a hand knitting machine on eBay.


Ask yourself, are you a newbie, amateur or an expert knitter?

I think this is a very important question. Three brands currently rule the knitting world. They are brother, passap and silver reed.

Although both brother and passap are no longer manufactured; a current survey by Machine4u revealed that knitters are more likely to buy brother kh950i knitting machine then its counterpart silver reed sk 840, which is still in production.

Passap are complex knitting machines, and therefore would only recommend to expert knitters. On the other hand both brother and silver reed knitting machines are adequate for any type of knitters. They come in there simplest form as just knitting machines, and can be upgraded by adding additional accessories such as ribbers etc.

Brother with its vast range of accessories from knitting motors to transfer carriage would be my first recommendation to any knitter looking for a knitting machine.


What type of yarn you want to knit?

For Instance if you want to knit fine laces, then you can narrow your search to silver reed and/or passap (as brother never produced a fine gauge knitting machine).

Similarly if you want to knit mid-gauge(6mm) then the only knitting machine
you need is the silver reed sk 860 knitting machine.


Investigate each ebay listing like "Sherlock Holmes"!

By now you would have narrowed down your search to few knitting machines.
Let see each listing you want to buyitnow or bid.
Is the machine serviced?
Is it complete?
Is it in working condition? (i.e) Its not rusty, bent needles etc
Does it come with instruction book/pattern book?


Are you looking for a machine with 1 or 2 Year warranty
or are you happy with only ebays 45 days cover?

Think about it, is 45 days all you need?
What if your machine breaks after 45 days? Who will you contact then?
Believe me it will cost a lot more replacing or repairing the machine
then paying a litle bit extra earlier and buying the machine from a reputable seller/dealer

Do you know machine4ucouk are official dealers of Silver reed,
Designaknit Software and Toyota Sewing UK.
Thus all buyitnow from machine4ucouk are covered with 2 years warranty.
We stock parts so can back our warranty with repairs within 2 years of purchase.


Is Shipping to your country/region/location available or is it collection only?

Beware not everyone can send knitting machines by post.
Can you believe my first ever machine purchase on eBay was sent to me in a black bin bag, no packaging. You can imagine how heart broken I must have felt when I received it.

A word of Advice:-
Look for sellers with history of posting items worldwide. 

By the way at machine4ucouk we have years of experience in sending these machines from as far as Singapore in Far East to New Orlean in the West.


Are you getting any Extra Perks?

Like instruction manual in German/French/Dutch etc
or Express shipping, FedEx Delivery etc


Still Confused!!!

By now most of you would have finalised your knitting machines and accessories
But if still confused, look no further just view my store
or Google Machine4u

You won't be disappointed 😊
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